March Madness bracket? Hear from these experts

After missing out on the 2020 March Madness traditions thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, NCAA players & fans alike may finally rejoice, as the legendary tournament is nearly here, set to tip off its first slew of games tomorrow! So quickly, fill out your brackets, grab your favorite sofa snack, and get ready to experience all the madness. 

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, best known by its wildly popular nickname “March Madness” will host its annual March Madness men’s basketball tournament at a singular location, similar to the NBA “bubble” experiment last year. 

With issues surrounding the spread of COVID-19, such as travel logistics & hotels, the NCAA agreed to move forward with a new platform that will continue this exciting tradition sans last year. So, now that it’s finally here, basketball fans are finalizing their picks on their March Madness bracket, and are preparing to return to a tradition that somewhat resembles normalcy. Have you filled out your bracket? Listen to the experts!

What is March Madness?

The NCAA men’s basketball tournament, which entails sixty-eight teams all competing in a single-game-elimination style format, takes place during March & April, where top contenders duke no pun intended it out to see who’s the best college basketball team of that season. 

The tournament, after much deliberation by schools as well as scummy boosters, ultimately found it best to cancel the 2020 tournament, ruining brackets and breaking hearts in the process. Now, after a year of information regarding the virus as well as observing the success of the NBA “bubble” last summer, the NCAA seems to have finally formed a plan to revive this iconic tournament in a safe environment.

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